To embed circular economic principles into the fabric of Google’s infrastructure, operations, and culture

Global business has a key role to play in moving from a global economy based upon ‘take-make-dispose’ to one based on designing waste out of systems. Google believe in the democratising effect of putting knowledge in the hands of everyone, so they're organising the world's information and making it universally accessible. Google are committed to doing this in a way that has a positive impact on the planet. This partnership will allow Google to build on existing practices to embed circular economic principles into the fabric of their infrastructure, operations, and culture.

Focus Areas

  • Advancing the digital enablement of the circular economy
  • Developing a circular economy vision for Google's built environment
  • Building on existing practices to apply circular principles to data-centres
  • Engaging the Google design community around the opportunity presented by circular design principles

Case Studies and Papers

Read more about Google's work on the circular economy:

Accelerating the circular economy through commercial deconstruction and reuse


Cities in the Circular Economy: The Role of Digital Technology


The Role of Safe Chemistry and Healthy Materials in Unlocking the Circular Economy


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