Pioneer circular economy innovation in the areas of healthcare, consumer lifestyle and lighting

Royal Philips of the Netherlands is a diversified technology company, focused on improving people’s lives through meaningful innovation in the areas of healthcare, consumer lifestyle and lighting.

Philips is currently running a number of circular economy initiatives. On the business side it is reviewing its design rules to include new designs, ease of repairability, upgradeability and modularity. Philips is also experimenting with new, performance based business models. In addition, it is growing its refurbished systems business in healthcare and is working on implementing similar models for remanufacturing and parts harvesting in other businesses within Philips. On the enabling side, Philips is raising awareness about the circular economy in the wider business community and is developing training modules together with its internal Philips University.

Focus Areas

Philips is working closely with the Foundation across three focus areas:

  • Convening value chain partners to develop, pilot and validate circular value propositions
  • Development of thought leadership and dissemination of key insights
  • Development of assets and resources required to scale change across the business


Read the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s ‘Pay per Lux’ case study on the collaboration between Turntoo and Philips to develop a performance lighting model.

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Hear Markus Laubscher’s views on the circular economy as part of the Schmidt MacArthur Fellowship:

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