SYSTEMIQ, an advisory, business building and investment company, works to identify and create opportunities for system-level impact across energy, food and land use, the circular economy, and the built environment.

As the Ellen MacArthur Foundation's Knowledge Partner for Systems Initiatives, SYSTEMIQ works with the Foundation team to identify and catalyse new circular economy opportunities.

The Knowledge Partnership builds on the long-standing relationship between SYSTEMIQ's founding partners Martin Stuchtey and Jeremy Oppenheim, and the Ellen MacArthur Foundation team, whose work on the Towards the Circular Economy report series and Growth Within, established the economic rationale for the circular economy.

SYSTEMIQ has collaborated with the Foundation on the following reports: The New Plastics Economy: Catalysing action, and Achieving Growth Within. They have also played an integral part in the Towards the circular economy report series which can be found on our publication page, and our more recent Cities and the Circular Economy for Food project.

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