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Anna Barnouw

Anna Barnouw

Community and Events Manager

Role at the Foundation

Anna is part of a new initiative within the Foundation, that takes circular economy to a wide audience from learners, career change professionals, business, professionals, academia through to the next generation - pulling together the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s leading position, networks and current impactful activity. The innovative initiative aims to break down the barriers of understanding, and thus deepen the impact on a global level to meet our charitable aims. Anna’s role is to design a variety of face to face events and to create an ever growing and active on and offline community.


Anna holds a MSc in Political Science with a specialisation in International Relations. Before joining the Foundation, she worked as programme manager at Felix Meritis, European Centre for Art, Culture and Science where she developed a wide range of public debates, conferences and events that discussed key political, cultural and social issues. She then went on to work as editor and communications officer for the Dutch National Research Agenda. Before she left to work at the Foundation, she was a project manager at Twinstone, a startup focused on green and social sustainability.