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Daniel Van Cuylenburg

Daniel Van Cuylenburg

Web Designer and Front-end Developer

Role at the Foundation

Daniel joined the Ellen MacArthur Foundation in November of 2015 as the new digital team’s Front-end Web Developer, assisting the development team in front end website architecture and styling and providing support to the Digital Designer.


After a well-travelled childhood and finally settling on the Isle of Wight, Daniel began coding when the web was accessed on 256k/56k modems, teaching himself while in college, before landing his first role as a web developer apprentice at the tender age of 20/21. Since then, he’s worked in various medium - large design, development, and sports related agencies and organisations with clients such as BT, Virgin, Google, Land Rover, and more.

In his spare time, Dan’s a self-taught guitarist and is working towards his first album (long overdue!). Also a keen camper, runner, sports and health mad vegetarian, nature loving adrenaline junkie, cross Solent swimmer and more....