The Team



James George

James George

Network Development Lead

Role at the Foundation

As part of the business team at the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, James' role is to engage with the broad business community for EMF and stimulate holistic network development across all levels and programmes. Working with team leads and Executive Leads, he is lucky enough influence the EMF Network Strategy, develop pursuit strategies and look for opportunities for collaboration with the Foundation. In short, James tells stories to the commercial world (and anyone who will listen) to spot opportunities for organisations to advance the transition to a circular economy.

Somehow, James managed to squirrel his way into the Foundation's HQ in early 2018, and relocated to the Isle of Wight after a hiatus of 15 years (so far no one has found him out). Despite having some strong opinions on things that most people don't care about, James has settled well into the new-found simplicity of his Island life, interspersed with international travel for the Foundation. During his time away from the Island, James spent 12 of the last 15 years as a mine clearance diving officer with the Royal Navy, travelling the world and enjoying the adventure.

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