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Karen Insignares

Karen Insignares

Digital Product Manager, Schmidt MacArthur Programme

Role at the Foundation

Karen joined the Ellen MacArthur Foundation in 2016 to work with the DIF, and shortly after started to coordinate the Schmidt MacArthur Fellowship. Since 2018, she is working with the Learning and Digital teams to develop the online platform of an exciting new initiative taking circular economy learning to an even wider audience, using our knowledge base and expertise to provide applications with global reach.

This new project, that has been made possible due to the continued generous funding from Wendy Schmidt and the Schmidt Family Foundation, will feature a combination of collaborative online learning, communication campaigns, applied project work, immersive face-to-face events, community networks, and interactions. It will aim to ensure that many more people have the opportunity to become circular economy practitioners, in a variety of industries and sectors and on an international scale.  

Karen has a background in socio-cultural studies, arts and humanities, and has previous experience in editing, publishing and researching in academic institutions. Before joining the Foundation, she studied, lived and worked in South America and Asia. In her spare time, Karen enjoys dancing salsa, reading, learning with MOOCs and online platforms, and doing any kind of activity that expands her intercultural awareness and understanding of cultural diversity.