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Maja Johannessen

Maja Johannessen

Research Analyst

Role at the Foundation

Maja joined the Foundation in July 2015 to support the development of the Institutions, Governments & Cities programme. She is currently working on a project that aims to identify the circular economy opportunities in cities and supports the Foundation’s engagement with international policy institutions - e.g. as a member of the Coordination Group of the European Commission’s  European Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform initiative. During her time in the Foundation she also managed the relationships of the governmental members of the CE100 network and led a capacity building programme for business support organisations.


Maja comes from Copenhagen in Denmark but has also lived in Belgium and Iceland. She holds a masters degrees in technological and socio-economic planning and worked with strategic energy planning before she joined the Foundation. When not at work or travelling, Maja can be found sailing, checking out the local hiking routes, or organising cold dips in the sea all year round.