How can we most effectively educate and skill-up our organisation to transition towards a circular business model?”

Learning for a circular economy requires theoretical understanding and continuous development of critical practitioner skills to better address the most common circular challenges in businesses.

A simple framework guides the curation of our learning portfolio. The triangles below show two important components of learning:

1. THEORY: Deepen your theoretical understanding from a basic to in-depth level.

2. PRACTICE: Alongside the theory, build critical practitioner skills to take you from a beginner to an advanced level.

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Our new Action Learning Set Toolkit

Circular economy e-Learning programme

The e-Learning programme has been carefully designed for business professionals who want to develop a foundational understanding of the circular economy.

It will provide you with an overview of the key concepts of the circular economy and show its application in specific business functions such as R&D, design, supply chain management, marketing, strategy and finance. The programme is easy to use and can be completed in your own time.

The Professional Learning Portfolio

Our continuously evolving Professional Learning Portfolio offers a variety of resources & courses (both face-to-face and online) to suit different learner levels based on their need for theoretical understanding and/or practitioner skills.

As a CE100 member you will benefit from the following learning opportunities:

  • Build conceptual understanding through the e-Learning programme
  • Develop practitioner skills through in-person and skill based learning experiences delivered at Acceleration Workshops.
  • Access a portfolio of learning opportunities from approved partners
  • Tools & resources

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Our Learning Portfolio includes: