As the next generation of circular economy pioneers you are a key part of the solution. Guided by a regenerative and restorative mindset, your creativity and leadership will contribute to the mobilisation of a new industrial system.

- Andrew Morlet - CEO Ellen MacArthur Foundation

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s circular economy pioneers have a comprehensive understanding of the circular economy. They are actively forging their careers, employing circular economy principles, and able to help others learn more.

Through leadership and creativity, they will spearhead communities to help the Ellen MacArthur Foundation catalyse understanding of the circular economy and contribute towards a generational shift in thinking.

Who can become a circular economy pioneer?

Promising students and professionals who have been selected to attend specific workshops designed and run by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, or selected learning experiences run in collaboration with the Foundation.

Stories from some of the 2019 Pioneers

After completing the inaugural From Linear to Circular programme in London during June 2019, the first wave of circular economy pioneers are now implementing circular principles into their networks and industries. We will regularly update this area to provide you with the latest stories from around the globe.

Alex Artiach

Angela Chen

Anna Tenhunen

Hector Lopez Viramontes

Sarah Nourse

Patricia Noble Gonzales

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