Every Tuesday at 12:00pm GMT you can join us for the Explore the Circular Economy Show. The show is a 30-minute discussion and debate around how we can move from a linear ‘take-make-waste’ economy towards a circular economy.

We are currently broadcasting Season 2 with topics including rethinking progress and measuring success, better growth and economic recovery after Covid-19, finance and policy, innovation and examples of circular economy in action. You can watch the show on the Foundation’s Youtube, Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter channels. Previous episodes are available on catch up.

Latest Show:

Money makes the world go round

When: Tuesday 27th October 12:00 pm GMT

Hosts: Emily Healy, Seb Egerton-Read

Speakers: Liesel Van Ast, Tazia Smith, Michiel De Smet

In this episode, we discuss the opportunities of financing and investing in the circular economy. We will look at the recent rapid growth in circular economy financing activity, showcase examples of circular economy investing in practice and explore actions that the financial services sector, businesses and policymakers can take to further scale financing for the circular economy. We will also share key insights from our recent paper, ‘Financing the circular economy: capturing the opportunity’. Guest speakers are Liesel Van Ast from UNEP FI, Tazia Smith from Closed Loop Partners and the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s Finance Initiative Lead, Michiel De Smet.

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