Cranfield is committed to developing a truly integrated industry-driven circular economy research and teaching agenda across the university, which is capable of responding to the challenges of an emerging new economy. The focus is on the development of tools, methods, materials, technology and innovative ways of doing business across the disciplines of design, engineering, environmental science and management.

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Teaching & Learning:

  • Suite of short CPD courses aimed at providing industry professionals, senior managers, and executives with the knowledge and skills to manage the transition of their organisation to a circular economy.
    The courses explore six important focus areas; Circular Design, Circular Innovation, Circularity in Practise, Mining Value from Organic Waste, Circular Economy Renewable Energy and Extending Material Life.
  • Integration of circular economy thinking within postgraduate design, technology and management programmes, with academic leads in each case.


A Network in Consumer Goods, Big Data and Re-Distributed Manufacturing to develop an active and engaged community of academics, industrial practitioners, policy makers and end users. The programme aims to identify, test and evaluate a multi-disciplinary vision and research agenda associated with the application of big data in the transition towards a re-distributed manufacturing model for consumer goods. Find out more here.


International Training Network on CE Business Models and PSS for 15 PhD’s from 5 universities to develop radically new business models for circularity. Cranfield are specifically focussing on Reverse Logistics in Circular Economy and Maximising the ‘retained values’ of servitised products.

  • Digital Intelligence to Enable a Circular Economy

How data, acquired through the latest advances in digital technologies such as the fourth Industrial Revolution (I4.0) and the Internet of Things (IoT), can provide Digital Intelligence to shape decisions about the manufacture and utilisation of automotive components for accelerating the implementation of more circular approaches in UK manufacturing. EPSRC Network Plus. Industrial Systems in the Digital Age.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Aerospace
  • Defence and Security
  • Energy and Power
  • Environment and Agrifood
  • Water
  • Manufacturing
  • Transport Systems
  • Management