As the major institution of higher education in Brazil, and as one of the most prestigious universities in Latin America, the University of Sao Paulo (USP) intends to lead the development of knowledge, education and research of the circular economy across South America. 

The partnership between USP and Ellen MacArthur Foundation will aim to promote circular economy through research, education and extension activities within society. This partnership presents several fruitful projects, including a programme on life cycle management and engineering innovation for circular economy new business processes and models, research into the socio-environmental issues concerning circular economy and the wider integration of circular economy into the policies and curriculum of the University.

Aside from working towards a more circular economy, the programme also addresses to support organisations and the government in embedding circular principles and tools to drive the transition to a circular economy.

USP is proud to be a Pioneer University with the aim of becoming a global catalyst for the circular economy across the southern hemisphere. 

Usp Campus

Key achievements of the collaboration so far include;

  • The creation of a practice community for research and knowledge development for a multidisciplinary circular economy within the following knowledge areas: Engineering; Economy; Management; Business and Administration; Law; Agriculture and Forest Sciences; Social Science; Biology; Physics; Math and Computing Sciences; Architecture; Urban and Regional Planning;
  • The integration of circular economy content on graduate and undergraduate courses within USP;
  • The development of circular economy education programmes for the society;
  • Technical and scientific support on research, innovation and knowledge transfer to the society and in particular to the CE100 Brazil.