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Technology Innovation and Management for a Circular Economy MSc

This Executive Masters course aimed at industrial professionals, will provide students with technological knowledge, systems level understanding and personal competency to design, evaluate, and manage the implementation of transformational solutions for a circular economy.

The circular economy requires new skills, new ways of thinking, new methods of learning and new types of leadership. In this master's course, we're not just working with companies to solve their problems, but we're actually creating a new generation of thinkers and leaders of the future that are ultimately going to lead global organisations in their transition to a circular economy.

- Dr Fiona Charnley, Course Lead, Cranfield University

Key themes in Technology Innovation and Management for a Circular Economy MSc

This MSc course focuses on how business can be redesigned to be restorative and regenerative, rather than based on the take, make and dispose model traditionally adopted. Focusing on how a circular economy aims to increasingly decouple production from the consumption of finite resources, the course will investigate methods which can keep products and materials at their highest value and utility at all times.

The course also explores the theme of digital as a key enabler for a circular economy. Adopting digital methods lowers transaction costs and creates a myriad of new ways to connect buyers and sellers, assets and potential users, and people, with tasks. Since the 1960s, the digital revolution has also allowed us to map and visualise real-world complex and dynamic systems. From these scientific studies comes the realisation that the need to use new digital technologies to study not the parts, but the relationship between the whole, and the processes which create it, is key to a successful circular economy.

To apply and find out more, please visit the Cranfield University MSc course page.

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Technology, Innovation and Management for a Circular Economy

Watch Ken Webster - Head of Innovation at the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, and Dr Fiona Charnley - Course Lead, discussing the challenges that the circular economy brings.