​Innovation, Enterprise and Circular Economy MBA

This pioneering initiative, delivered through a distance learning platform, offers a coherent framework for a fast-evolving global economic context. The programme combines classic areas of strategy, finance, and marketing within a circular economy framework.

“Today’s economic conditions, characterised by increased price volatility and scarcity on the energy and resources fronts, require a change in perspective. We believe that an innovative approach, which integrates systems thinking and looks beyond the linear ‘take, make, dispose’ model, is the answer that a forward-looking School of Management should strive to provide. We have designed our circular economy MBA to give the next generation of leaders a first-mover advantage, by tackling subjects such as regenerative product designnew business models, reverse logistics or enabling communication technologies, to name but a few elements.”

- Professor Peter Hopkinson: MBA Director 

Key themes in the Innovation, Enterprise and Circular Economy MBA

The MBA aims to provide students with classic tools including strategy, accounting, marketing and change management, to be applied and developed to circular economy business models, drivers, challenges and opportunities.

For example: How do you market non-ownership of goods or performance based contracts?

In strategy, what are the short, medium and long term opportunities for circular business models arising from intensifying resource constraints?

To apply or find out more please contact Craig Johnson

Postgraduate Certificate (PG Cert)

The Innovation, Enterprise & Circular Economy postgraduate certificate provides a comprehensive and stimulating specialist course by tackling subjects which include regenerative product design, new business models, reverse logistics, and enabling communication technologies. The programme is studied through distance-learning, using a combination of self-study, online teaching and group discussions. This flexibility means that you can fit your learning around your work and home commitments, and complete the postgraduate certificate at a pace to suit you, in anything from two to six years. This postgraduate certificate sits as a separate award within the Innovation, Enterprise & Circular Economy distance-learning MBA programme. It is designed for those who wish to solely focus on circular economy without the additional MBA elements. However, the PG Certificate is designed in such a way that you can convert to the MBA at a later date if you so wish, subject to the approval of the programme director. Circular economy students are not required to attend sessions in person.