Higher Education Resources

These resources have been designed for academics and students to build knowledge and stimulate dialogue around the circular economy. 

They include workshop activities, publications, case studies and other materials, much of it developed in collaboration with our academic partners. We intend for the content to grow and evolve in response to your feedback.

Workshop Activities

Interactive resources for professional development - designed to encourage discussion, clarification and reflection within the context of a circular economy. 

The Circular Design Guide

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Co-created by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and IDEO, the guide introduces users to circular economy concepts and circular design thinking techniques. It is centred around 24 methods, as well as interviews with designers, worksheets, illustrative circular innovation case studies, and links for helpful technical tools. 

It was developed and piloted with multiple stakeholders, including academics and students from our university network; Stanford University, University of Sao Paulo, Cranfield University and the Royal College of Art.

Many of our academic partners are already integrating the guide into their curriculum. Over the next 12 months we will be sharing their reflections and thinking, in a series of case studies.

If you, or anyone you know is looking for an introduction to the circular economy, this publicly available resource is accessible at circulardesignguide.com.

Circular Design Guide Video Series

This collection of videos features leading academics and students sharing their vision and understanding of circular design, as well as how they used the Circular Design Guide in their work. These videos were created to inspire and enable other academics to incorporate circular design within their curriculum.


A series of readers and publications for learners and educators with leading insight into the opportunity of a circular economy.

New Dynamic 2 Podcast Series

A series of podcasts with authors of the book's chapters, providing unique insights and reflections of the necessity to develop a whole systems approach to our economy. 

New Dynamic 2 Chapter Teasers

A selection of abridged freely downloadable chapters.