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See how students are applying the circular economy


The Schools and Colleges team interviewed a group of students from UWC SEA in Singapore. They started out up-cycling plastic bags, but moved on to being more regenerative by design. Here they share their ideas on how schools and institutions can support a learning for a circular economy. 

Watch more Circle videos here


By attending key events, sharing our thoughts in keynote addresses, and discussing our insights in workshops, we aim to involve as many educators as possible in the conversation around the question: How do we best prepare the next generation to lead the transition to a circular economy?

Upcoming events:

New IB Online professional development course begins in November

Exploring a “sustainable” future: Concepts, principles and practices across disciplinary boundaries

This online workshop, produced by the International Baccalaureate with input from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, takes a broad conceptual look at issues surrounding sustainability. Combining the nexus approach to water and energy with the circular economy framework, this collaborative workshop provides a transdisciplinary approach to meeting the Sustainable Development Goals.  

Previous events:

Work with UWC Singapore

In early October our Schools & Colleges Programme Manager, Harrison Wavell, will be travelling to the United World College of South East Asia (UWC SEA). Harrison will be working with the college to see how they have been combining systems thinking and the circular economy framework into their curriculum across a range of subjects and age groups. Harrison will also be attending complexity workshops with Roland Kupers, an independent complexity consultant, as well as speaking at an event - Reimagining jobs in the circular economy - hosted by Forum for the Future. 

IB Global Conference, The Hague

On 26th-28th October 2017, Harrison Wavell (Schools & Colleges Programme Manager) will be running a breakout session at the IB Global Conference in The Hague. The session - Preparing students for the circular economy - highlights the fundamentals of the circular economy framework, examples of innovations in business and design, and how educators can engage their students in the economic debate using this framework as a tool for inquiry. 

Americas IB Global Conference 2017

Ken Webster, Head of Innovation, and Harrison Wavell, Schools and Colleges Programme Manager, will be running a workshop at the International Baccalaureate Global Conference in Orlando, Florida. The conference runs from 21st-23rd July 2017, and provides an opportunity to meet and collaborate with IB educators from North, Central, and South America. Their session will focus on ways of embedding the circular economy framework in the IB Primary Years Programme (PYP). Terri Walker, Curriculum Manager for the PYP, will be supporting the workshop.

AP Region IB Global Conference 2017

The IB Global Conference took place in Yokohama, Japan on the 29th-31st March 2017. The conference provides an opportunity for those involved in education to share best practices and discuss topics such as educational quality, pedagogical leadership and international mindedness.

There were a number of pre-conference special sessions which took take place in the lead up to the main conference. As part of this, Sara Heinrich - Schools and Informal Education Manager at the Foundation - delivered a workshop on: Enterprise, Innovation and the Economy: Exploring a positive vision for the future with students. The session explored key challenges of the current economy and discussed the circular economy as a positive vision for the future. 

Eurogeo 2017

On 2nd-3rd March, Sara Heinrich and Harrison Wavell from the Schools and Colleges team delivered a workshop - Resource Flows in a Circular Economy - at the Eurogeo 2017 conference in Amsterdam. The conference aims to address some of the ‘key challenges for geographical education’ at present, and explore the role of geography in helping to shape the future. Their workshop focused on how resources, information and energy could flow within a circular economy, and how designing for effective flows can make our economy work in the long term.

International School of Dusseldorf Engagement Project

How can we embed the circular economy framework across an entire school? This is a question the Schools and Colleges team addressed in February 2017, during a two day visit to the International School of Dusseldorf (ISD). Building on connections established at the IB Africa, Europe Middle-East (AEM) conference in 2016, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation aims to support ISD in inspiring learners to rethink, redesign and build a positive future.