The Ellen MacArthur Foundation engages in dialogue with public bodies, and supports them on their journeys transitioning to a circular economy by providing insights on circular economy benefits and levers, sharing best practices, as well as providing platforms for an active exchange of experience and expertise between leading practitioners and experts.

The Foundation’s recent report, ‘Growth Within: A circular economy vision for a competitive Europe’ was launched in June 2015 at the circular economy stakeholder conference event hosted by the European Commission in Brussels in the context of the consultation process for the new European circular economy package. In addition, the report “Delivering the circular economy – a toolkit for policymakers” complements this visionary piece and offers a structured, three-step methodology and a set of tools for those policymakers who wish to embark on a circular economy transformation. These are supported by a growing body of circular economy case studies covering not only business examples but also regional/policy case studies.

The CE100 platform brings together international governments and cities members with businesses and universities enabling multi-stakeholder collaboration and a cross-sectorial, interdisciplinary, holistic approach to the circular economy. The CE100 Gov. & Cities programme is open to national, regional, and municipal governments which seek to advance their knowledge on the circular economy, enter into an active exchange with peers and leading actors from the business and academic community, and get engaged in collaborative initiatives to advance circular solutions.

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