Circular Cities Network

The Circular Cities Network offers a knowledge exchange platform for pioneering cities which are embedding circular economy into their urban operations.

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By 2050, 75% of the population will reside in cities. Such rapid growth puts an enormous pressure on urban resources, carrying capacities, and quality of life. Cities are also a major engine for economic growth, as about 85% of global GDP is generated within cities already today.

All of these factors equip cities with a great catalytic power to drive the circular economy agenda forward, and make them among the greatest beneficiaries of such future transition. City leaders across the world are challenged to rethink the way our current urban systems operate, to learn from previous mistakes, and implement these lessons in building future cities in a way that ensures long-term prosperity, resource sufficiency, economic viability, and human wellbeing.

For this purpose, we have launched the Circular Cities Network with the objective of offering a knowledge exchange platform for frontrunner cities in this field. The network includes a free, quarterly, cutting-edge webinar series on circular cities innovation in collaboration with our Pioneer University University College London and their new Circular Cities Research Hub. The network will foster an active dialogue and showcase the ideas of leading academic thinkers and practitioners from cities around the world.

Network members

Participation is by invitation only, based on a peer-referral scheme.