A New Dynamic 2: Effective systems in a circular economy


The second book of the series A New Dynamic reflects on the necessity to develop a whole-system approach to re-think our economy.

This edition brings together thought leaders who can see beyond the boundaries of their respective areas of expertise, and establish the necessary connections to re-think our current development path. This portfolio of 11 articles, spanning a variety of fields including architecture, agriculture, design, business, and engineering, provides both analytical and action-orientated insights that point towards a new regenerative framework for economic prosperity.

A must-read for anyone eager to grasp the issues of the circular economy, with a view to ultimately contributing to this transition.

Foreword by Joël de Rosnay, Ph.D -Special Advisor to the President of Universcience, CEO of Biotics International. Author of The Macroscope

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Date published: 22nd February 2016

212 pages

ISBN: 9780992778446

Paperback Dimensions: 1.5 x 15.5 x 23.5 cm

Price: £24.00

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