We developed Circulytics in collaboration with our network to respond to growing demand — businesses told us they wanted a comprehensive tool to measure circularity, and one that looked beyond products and material flows. More than 30 companies have been involved in the development of Circulytics, and more than 600 have signed up to complete a Circulytics assessment, including:

Here is what some of those companies and other key individuals have to say about the importance of measuring progress towards the circular economy, and the value that Circulytics will bring:

Alan Jope, CEO of Unilever

“Moving to a circular economy requires businesses to rethink everything they do. As we are making this transition, Circulytics will help us to pinpoint where we have more to do.”

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Ilham Kadri, CEO of Solvay

“Measuring and tracking is understanding, being transparent and walking the talk. Solvay's strategy embeds the adoption of circular economy practices in its businesses. To be really successful and progress faster across all our diverse operations, we need data, analysis allowing us to take fact based decisions. We were honored to work together with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation on the Circulytics tool. This circularity measurement tool is the most comprehensive tool there is to help businesses lead the transition to a circular economy, rethinking the way we use our resources, enhancing collective intelligence and speeding up innovation in material efficiency. Solvay and the EMF will continue to improve the tool to assess the impact of our business solutions on the circularity of our customers in the full value chain.”

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Feike Sijbesma, CEO of Royal DSM

“Businesses play a key role in the reconciliation of economic success and our planet’s limited resources. The business case for transitioning toward a more circular economy is becoming increasingly clear. This transition needs redesigned supply chains and more clear metrics. Circulytics will help bridge that gap and help companies accelerate the shift to a circular economy.”

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Frans van Houten, CEO of Philips​

I am encouraged to see the increasing efforts in the metrics field today and the drive towards mutually reinforcing approaches. Concrete and transparent measurements, like Circulytics, guiding companies in their transformation are essential to accelerate the shift towards a circular economy.”

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Francois Lacombe, CEO of Teleplan​

Circulytics will provide transparency to our customers about our company’s circular economy adoption. Teleplan has participated in the Beta-testing phase and we are very proud to have achieved a high score in the test version. Many of our solutions enable our customers to transition to a circular business model and Circulytics is an additional tool provided by the Foundation, to measure our contribution to a circular economy.

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Stefano Venier, CEO of Hera S.p.A​

Circulytics is the first tool with a global approach to circularity measurement which helps companies to really understand where they stand and focus their efforts towards a paradigm shift. We have reached a stage where the need of accelerating and scaling up the transition towards a circular economy has become dramatically urgent, but companies can only improve and innovate what they measure: a far-reaching measurement of circularity is a key lever to enable companies to make a quantum leap. We are happy to have taken part in the beta testing phase and now to witness the launch of this innovative and comprehensive tool.

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Janez Potocnik, Co-Chair of International Resource Panel; Former EU Commissioner for the Environment​

Circulytics has the potential to become an important enabler for organisational circular economy transitions. Measuring the effectiveness of the underlying sustainability initiatives is essential to inform respective management practices, coordinate more seamlessly across circular value chains, and provide strongly required benchmarking, transparency, and incentives within industries.

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Dr. Andrew Steer, President and CEO of World Resources Institute​

It is now clear that moving towards a circular economy is essential if we are to achieve the SDGs. But to date there has been a confusing lack of clarity and consistency as to how circularity should be measured. The Ellen McArthur Foundation, as a premier voice in this area, has done us all a great favour with this initiative to create a measurement standard to help companies improve the impact of their circular economy activities. I look forward to continued collaboration across all sectors as we accelerate bringing circularity into the mainstream.”

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Peter Bakker, President & CEO of World Business Council for Sustainable Development​

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s Circulytics framework provides organisations with a method to measure circular readiness and effectiveness through quantitative and qualitative insights. World Business Council for Sustainable Development anticipates Circulytics will catalyse global measurement commitments and action towards the circular economy.”

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Naoko Ishii, CEO and Chairperson of Global Environment Facility​​

"To protect global environmental commons, we need to quickly move on to a circular economy model and business is at the heart of leading the transition. This new tool helps companies to understand how circular their operations are and to support decision making and strategy development for circular economy adoption."

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Fabrice Barthélemy, CEO of Tarkett​

“Circular economy is one of the key strategic pillars of Tarkett’s Change to Win ambition. We are convinced we have a strong role to play to change the game in the flooring industry with the circular economy. We have set clear 2030 objectives and we have been engaged in our sustainability journey for many years at plants and product levels. We are proud to have taken part in the beta testing phase of Circulytics and we are committed to leveraging this comprehensive tool and identifying key areas of progress. Now, we anticipate that Circulytics will help us in accelerating our transformation towards a circular economy model, engaging our customers and all our stakeholders.”

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