How can I contribute?

I have run a circular design workshop and would like to share it

Inspire others by sharing the story and the takeaways/learnings with our community on LinkedIn

I want to run a circular design activity with my team

Find workshops on the Circular Design Guide. Feel free to ask tips on the CDG community.

I want to share more in depth the circular design project/processes I'm working on

Apply to speak at the Ellen MacArthur Foundation live online events.

I want to join a community of designers where to practice circular design
I am multilingual and would like to contribute with bringing circular design to my country/community

Help make our live content accessible for everyone by translating it into other languages

I want to become an EMF circular economy Pioneer
I would like to use my Social Media channels to help spread the word

Excellent! Share your story.

These are our handles:

Twitter: @circulareconomy

Instagram: @ellenmacarthurfoundation

These are the hashtags we use:

#circulareconomy #circulardesign #circulardesigners

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