Our Mission is
to Accelerate the Transition to a Circular Economy

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation works with business, government and academia to build a framework for an economy that is restorative and regenerative by design.

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New report 'Intelligent Assets' offers vision of a circular future powered by pervasive digital transformation

With up to 50 billion connected devices predicted by 2020, the 'Internet of Things' is transforming the economy. Intelligent Assets: Unlocking the circular economy potential provides the first vision for how a digitally enhanced, prosperous circular economy could look. This Project MainStream report was produced by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and World Economic Forum.

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Disruptive Innovation Festival

The online Disruptive Innovation Festival brings together thought leaders, entrepreneurs, businesses, designers, makers,...


Project MainStream

Project MainStream is a cross-industry, CEO-led global initiative that aims to accelerate business-driven innovations an...



The €1.8 trillion opportunity revealed in the Foundation’s latest report reaffirms the economic rationale of moving towa...

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