Three days, three sessions, one big idea — join us at Summit 21

April 29, 2021

We are excited to invite you to The Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s annual Summit!

Every year, the Summit brings together leaders, innovators, and pioneers who are working to accelerate the global transition to a circular economy.

Summit 21 will take place online from 8th to 10th June — and for the first time, the event will be open to everyone. Register today and join us to be part of the conversation.

Together, we’ll explore how we can shift our broken system to create long-term economic growth and address some of the biggest global challenges we face, including climate change, waste and pollution, and biodiversity loss.

We’ll be joined by our founder, Dame Ellen MacArthur, as well as policymakers, academics, business leaders, and changemakers including:

  • Brunswick Group Senior Partner, Lucy Parker
  • Coca-Cola Company Chairman and CEO, James Quincey
  • Ellen MacArthur Foundation Trustee and Oxford University Visiting Research Fellow, Wolfgang Blau
  • Founding Partner, Global Optimism, and former UNFCCC Executive Secretary, Christiana Figueres
  • Minister of Environment, Chile, Carolina Schmidt
  • Nestlé CEO, Mark Schneider
  • The President of The Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra, Jyrki Katainen
  • Walmart Executive Vice President, Food, Charles Redfield

We’ll also welcome speakers from the European Environment Agency, H&M, IKEA, MIT, reNature, the Sustainable Food Trust, Unilever, and University College London to discuss the circular economy transformation and how we can work together to make it happen.

What’s on the agenda?

It’s time for a circular economy transformation.

Three days. Three sessions. One big idea.

/ Fix the economy, fix the climate

Tuesday 8th June @ 12:00 GMT+1

The waste and disposability in today’s economy are fuelling climate change and the destruction of biodiversity. We talk with global leaders about how the circular economy can help us tackle the root causes of these global challenges, by eliminating waste, creating new sources of value, and regenerating nature.

// Growth in a circular economy

Wednesday 9th June @ 12:00 GMT+1

As governments and industries respond to the economic shock of Covid-19 we explore how the circular economy can redefine growth, giving us the power to grow prosperity, jobs, and resilience while reducing greenhouse gas emissions, waste, and pollution.

/// Shifting the system

Thursday 10th June @ 12:00 GMT+1

The circular economy is a bigger idea than simply switching one material for another, or recycling better – it’s about creating interconnected solutions to meet interconnected challenges, such as climate change, biodiversity loss, waste, and pollution. We explore what it takes to think in systems, and how it can help us solve some of the biggest challenges we face today.

The sessions will be live-streamed at 12:00 GMT+1 and available to view immediately afterwards on catch-up for all other time zones.

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