Why cities?

By 2050, 80% of the world’s food is expected to be consumed in cities. This gives them the unique opportunity to spark a positive food system transformation.

Cities can help realise the vision for food by applying circular economy principles, which will ensure:

  • food actively supports natural systems
  • production is brought closer to where the food is eaten
  • the concept of waste is eliminated

Through these actions, cities can generate significant environmental, economic, and health benefits worth an estimated USD 2.7 trillion annually by 2050, within and beyond their boundaries.

City self-assessment

Completing this self-assessment will support you in understanding specific solution areas to focus on. By taking part, you will be actively driving progress towards a thriving food system based on circular economy principles.

This self-assessment will take approximately 15 minutes to complete.

Please refer to the pdf version of this survey. You can then record the required information before answering the digital survey. Unfortunately, it is not possible to save a partially completed survey and return to it at a later point. After you have completed the digital survey, we will share your score, which will show where you are on your journey to a circular economy for food.

Self assessment pdf version:

City government self-assessment

Question and answer list



Terms of use

City government self assessment



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