The 2020 Progress Report


This report is the second in a series of annual New Plastics Economy Global Commitment progress reports. It looks at how Global Commitment signatories, which together account for more than 20% of the plastic packaging market, are faring against their 2025 targets to tackle plastic pollution at its source. After a quantitative baseline was set by the first report in 2019, this 2020 report provides the first insight into the trajectory of progress against that baseline.

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Global Commitment

2020 Progress Report



Global Commitment

2019 Progress Report



Definitions and Framework



Reporting signatories

In this report, 118 businesses that produce, use, and recycle large volumes of plastic packaging (representing 98% of the business signatories eligible to report through the Ellen MacArthur Foundation) and 17 governments across five continents (out of 20 government signatories) have reported on progress against public targets. They have all reported against a common set of commitments, using the same definitions, with the aim of driving transparency and consistency in data sharing on plastics across a significant group of businesses and governments.

Gc2020 Report Signatories

About the Global Commitment

The Global Commitment unites businesses, governments, and other organisations behind a common vision to address plastic waste and pollution at its source, beginning with plastic packaging.

Aiming towards an ambitious set of 2025 targets, the Global Commitment was launched in October 2018 by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation in collaboration with the UN Environment Programme.

Now uniting more than 500 organisations behind the common vision of a circular economy for plastic, in which it never becomes waste or pollution, all Global Commitment signatories are working to:

  • eliminate the plastic items we don’t need
  • innovate so all plastics we do need are designed to be safely reused, recycled, or composted
  • circulate everything we use to keep it in the economy and out of the environment

Current signatories include:

  • 250+ businesses across all stages of the plastic packaging value chain, representing more than 20% of all plastic packaging used globally
  • 200+ endorsing signatories including 27 financial institutions with a combined USD 4 trillion worth of assets under management; leading institutions such as National Geographic, World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), the World Economic Forum (WEF), the Consumer Goods Forum, and International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN); and 50 academics, universities, and other educational and research organisations
  • 20 national, sub-national, and local level governments across five continents

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