Customisable packaging platform for liquid concentrates


Replenish Customisable packaging platform for liquid concentrates

A system for keeping resources in use in the fast moving consumer good sector

Company info

  • Founded in 2010 
  • HQ in Los Angeles
  • Launched packaging platform for liquid concentrates in 2017
  • Cradle to cradle certified

An ineffective and wasteful status quo

Many of the cleaning products we buy are mostly water with only a small amount of active ingredient. A typical bottle of cleaner is 90% water and less than 10% actual valuable ingredients. Despite already having water in our homes, these products are packaged and shipped in disposable plastic bottles that are used once and then thrown away. 

The inefficiency in how products are sold creates unnecessary shipping costs and loss of material value. In the U.S. 35 billion plastic bottles are thrown away each year, most end up in landfill, but many also leak into our oceans and wash up on our beaches.

A redesign that solves two problems

Replenish 3.0 is a universal ‘packaging platform’, a reusable bottle that attaches directly to a concentrate refill pod. The system can be used in most packaged liquid goods, from cleaners to beverages.

The packaging dispenses concentrate directly from a refill pod into a measuring cup inside a reusable bottle. The user just has to squeeze the refill pod until the measuring cup is full, turn over and add water. Replenish sell both their own products (99% plant-derived) and work together with other brands to incorporate their refill system to the collaborating brand’s products.

Everyone wins

For decades the way we consume detergents and other liquid products has been based on a linear model, resulting in valuable materials being landfilled or leaking into the environment. Replenish 3.0 attempts to address this, by creating a more circular design for the ubiquitous detergent bottle, that is durable, conserving valuable resources allowing the bottle to be reused again and again.

The result is a refill system that reduces energy, plastic waste and carbon dioxide emissions by 80-90 percent compared to one-use bottles and avoids the illogical need to transport water over great distances. For the customer it is empowering to be able to make a conscious purchasing choice which reduces their plastic footprint, as well as paying less for the products in the long term.

Further material: Youtube, Product demonstration

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