Fundación Ellen MacArthur

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation was created in 2010 with the aim of accelerating the transition to the circular economy. Since its creation, the Foundation has become a leader in global thinking, by establishing the circular economy in the agenda of business leaders, governments and academics. The work of the Foundation focuses on three interrelated areas:

Conocimientos y análisis

Provide solid evidence on the benefits of transition

The Foundation works to quantify the economic potential of the circular model and develop approaches to take advantage of that value. In collaboration with McKinsey & Company, the Foundation has developed a series of economic reports highlighting the reasons for an accelerated transition to the circular economy and analyze the potential benefits to the various stakeholders and sectors.

The Foundation believes that the circular economy is an evolving framework and continues to work to broaden their understanding, collaborating with international experts , including leading academics and key thinkers. Our knowledge and analysis are part of a growing body of reports, case studies, publications and multimedia resources that we offer on our websites, including, our newsletter and articles on circular economy.

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Empresa y gobierno

Promote and create the conditions for the innovation of circular innovation

Since its inception, the Foundation has emphasized the relevance of its activities in the real world and understands that business innovation is at the heart of any transition to circular economy. The Foundation works with its global partners (Danone, Google, H & M, Intesa Sanpaolo, NIKE, Inc., Philips, Renault and Unilever) to develop circular business initiatives and overcome the challenges of implementation.

In 2013, with the support of its global partners, he created the first specific innovation program circular economy in the world, the Circular Economy 100 . Members of the program include industry-leading companies, emerging innovators (SMEs), branch networks, state authorities, regions and cities. The program provides a unique forum for innovation to forge circular capacities, to overcome the usual barriers to progress, to understand the conditions necessary for transition, and to lead circular practices in a collaborative environment.

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Inspire students to rethink the future through the circular economy framework

The Foundation has created a global teaching and learning platform built around the circular economy framework, which works in both formal and informal education. With an emphasis on learning online , the Foundation offers cutting - edge knowledge and content that support education on the circular economy and systems thinking needed to accelerate the transition.

Our formal education work includes comprehensive higher education programs with academic partners from Europe, India, China and South America, international curriculum development with schools and faculties, as well as entrepreneurship training programs.

In the field of informal education, the work of the Foundation includes Re-thinking Progress (Rethinking progress), an educational event open, and the Disruptive Innovation Festival (Festival of Disruptive Innovation), a global opportunity online and face to Face to analyze the changes in the economy and the best ways to respond to them.

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Involve a global audience around the circular economy

The Foundation communicates avant - garde ideas and knowledge through their research, reports, case studies and case studies on circular economy disseminated through our publishing division. We employ new and relevant digital media to reach audiences that can accelerate the transition on a global scale. Finally, we add, select and make knowledge accessible through Circulate, a website dedicated to provide the latest news and a unique view on the circular economy and related issues.