Our network brings together businesses, innovators, cities, governments, universities, and thought leaders to build and scale a circular economy.

It comprises Members, Partners and Strategic Partners and an open Community.

Ellen MacArthur Foundation community

The transition to a circular economy requires action from all stakeholders across the globe. We have created a movement to enable thousands of organisations to join together as a community to accelerate the transition – through insights, events, learning, and access to our Community Platform of circular economy practitioners.

Becoming part of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s community is free, and approved organisations:

  • receive the latest EMF news
  • access events, insights and learning resources
  • join a global circular economy community platform

Join the community (it’s free!)

Members, Partners and Strategic Partners

We work with the world’s leading and most influential organisations, with transformative potential, to demonstrate what is possible through strategy and goals at company-wide level, and engagement with Network activities such as collaborative projects and bi-annual workshops.

Your organisation’s application to join the community gives us all the information we need to know. If we think your organisation could be relevant for Membership or Partnership, our team will be in touch to discuss the opportunity. For any enquiries regarding the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s Network, please contact community@ellenmacarthurfoundation.org. For any other enquiries, please visit the Contact Us page.

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