Circular Economy in Cities


As major engines of economic growth, cities have the tools, knowledge, and ability to drive the circular economy agenda forward and unlock economic, environmental, and social benefits. This paper previews the online suite of resources we will release in March on the topic of Circular Economy in Cities.

Our cities are grappling with the effects of our take-make-waste economy. By 2050, three quarters of us will live in urban centres, where already, we consume 75% of our natural resources, emit 60-80% of greenhouse gases, and produce over 50% of global waste. Solutions to these challenges are needed for cities to be thriving, liveable and resilient.

Providing a global reference point for urban policymakers, Circular Economy in Cities will include a vision for the circular economy in housing, mobility, and products, as well as benefit factsheets, urban policy instruments, city-led case studies, and additional networks and resources. The implementation of a circular economy will support city leaders to deliver against their priorities, and enable them to establish long term prosperity that is not detrimental to our natural resources and wellbeing.

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Date of publication: 23rd January 2019

Pages: 12