​How to take part in Circulytics​

After viewing the video above, please read through the method introduction.

In order for a company to complete Circulytics and fully benefit from the insights, they must provide a submission to the Circulytics method on the Qualtrics platform, and submit data to the pre-defined indicator questions. Many companies will have already collated much of the data needed for Circulytics from existing non-financial reporting standards, such as those listed in other tools, which will make it easier to complete the assessment. We know finding data to some indicators is difficult and therefore respondents can skip over any indicator where they do not have any. However, while the only mandatory fields are those included in 'General Information', unanswered fields in the remaining sections will not contribute positively towards the final, overall score generated for your company. We have provided a list of indicator questions and other key resources to help you provide a full submission.

What happens to the data submitted and the results?

All data submitted via the Qualtrics platform and all the results generated in the scorecard are fully confidential and will not be shared with any third parties. The data is only used by the Foundation, its charitable group, and its professional advisers and subcontractors for charitable purposes to further refine and develop Circulytics. The Foundation will not publish individual company information and adheres to strict data management protocols, as detailed in the Circulytics agreement featured at the beginning of the survey. In the future, the information submitted will be anonymised and aggregated to multi-company averages to generate industry benchmarks. With additional permissions, companies who have found creative solutions in adopting circular economy principles will be offered the opportunity to become inspiring case studies to celebrate their achievements and inspire others to follow.

A communications toolkit will be provided with your score, to help you talk about your circular economy journey with your customers and stakeholders.

Circulytics 2.0: Improving measurement of circular economy performance

Circulytics is the most comprehensive tool for measuring a company's circular economy performance.

This session marks the launch of Circulytics 2.0 which builds on Version 1.0.

Since it was launched in January 2020, over 1,000 companies have signed up to use Circulytics.

Our Circulytics 2.0 live webinar is aimed at anyone interested in measuring the circular economy performance of their business, particularly individuals responsible for non-financial reporting.

For further enquiries, please reach out to the Circulytics team at circulytics@emf.org

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